ABEONA in a nutshell

How to help European care leavers getting a job? Abeona was created to answer this specific question.

The project

ABEONA is the first project which aims at providing an effective response to the care leavers’ professional integration issues, at a European level, by focusing on youth workers competences improvement. The objective is to exchange with other European organisations on methods, experiments and tools for a better transition of young people to adulthood.


By pooling the good practices already experimented among youth workers in Europe, and developing an adequate training program, the ABEONA project aims at strengthening youth workers and educators’ competences in order to better support young people during their transition to adulthood. 


The project will also set the ground for a European network of analysis and action on youth workers qualifications, regarding the leaving care experience. A focus will be made on the political dimension of the subject. With strong disparities between national youth care policies, the goal is finally to establish a set of recommendations to raise awareness on this specific issue and to advocate for an improved access to self-reliance for care leavers in Europe.


The project gathers ten partners hailing from six European countries: France, Poland, Spain, Austria, Germany and Belgium. Those ten partners fall into three different categories: federations, field organisations and experts. They have complementary expertise and competences.


  • Our main objective is to provide an effective response to care leavers’ professional integration issues focusing on youth workers competences improvement
  • To answer this objective, we set up three different types of objectives :

Youth and social workers needs in terms of formal and informal competences 
Existing national and European best practices and programs on youth vocational integration


A strong European partnership and network
Trainings and tools that tackles care leavers and youth workers’ needs
Formal links between care leavers workers, researchers and organisations within the EU
A European event that will gather around professionals from diverse organisations on care leavers’ vocational integration issues


An innovative model of training for youth workers
Advices and recommendations to lead reforms throughout Europe



Investigate and exchange
national good

September 2015
March 2016


Create a new
training method
and experiment it

April 2016
March 2017


Improve and
spread methods
and results

April 2017
September 2017


Step by step

(September 2015 – March 2016)


WHAT do we want?

  • Identify the needs of the young care leavers in terms of transition to adulthood and access to professional integration
  • Identify the needs of the youth workers in terms of competences and tools to support young care leavers’ professional integration
  • Collect existing good practices and programs on this topic within Abeona’s partners
  • Create formal and non-formal links between care leavers workers within the member states


HOW are we going to obtain it?

  • Implementation of 5-days exchanges among the youth workers of the partnership
  • Collection of data and practices that will be gathered in 6 national reports
  • Completion of a synthetic European report that highlights best practices and provides recommendations


(April 2016 – March 2017)


WHAT do we want?

  • Create innovative training modules and tools by and  for youth workers
  • Experiment the best practices gathered all around Europe
  • Integrate the youth to the decision making and the assessment program

HOW are we going to obtain it?

  • Design of youth workers training methods
  • Training of 12 youth workers who will disseminate tools and modules locally to 30 youth workers at least per country
  • Organisation of a European event with strong visibility: European conference (Fall 2016)
    • Gathering European experts and professional on youth at risks issues
    • Challenging the first results of the ABEONA project
    • Creating connections and finding solutions


(April 2017 - September 2017)


WHAT do we want?

  • Evaluate the impact of the trainings on youth workers
  • Assess the impact on young care leavers professional integration
  • Share method and results throughout Europe
  • Lead recommendations for European institutions

HOW are we going to obtain it?

  • Evaluation of the program to assess the impact on the youth workers and young care leavers
  • Creation of a MOOC to spread the findings of the project and reach a large audience within European youth workers
  • Publishing of European recommendations
  • Implementation of a dissemination closing event (Fall 2017)
    • Gathering European experts and professional on youth at risks issues
    • Presenting all the results of the ABEONA project
    • Spreading solutions throughout Europe